anyVID-APP - Cordless Cable branded Customer Apps

Our Cordless Cable App is robust and easy to use.  Teaming with innovative features and more sensible layouts, our Cordless Cable App stand out from the rest of the pack of OTT Apps in the wild.  Not only does it handle every feature of a normal set top (guides, DVR, VOD, parental controls, favorites, etc.), but it goes far beyond (category and genre guide searches, a beautiful widget-filled home screen, and more).

Summary of anyVID-APP | Cordless Cable

  • The App runs on the Customer's existing equipment
  • No set tops or MSO equipment required
  • Apps can be downloaded from existing App Stores
  • App experience is customizable to use your logos, colors, etc.
  • Up to 14 days of advanced Guide data
  • More channel lineup filters than any other solution, letting you filter on categories, favorites, genres, channel names, channel numbers, and so much more
  • Search across live, DVR, and VOD for programs or channels
  • Full Cloud DVR capability with ability to record episodes, series, and new versus repeats
  • Lowest cost VOD solution available
  • GoBack in time 5+ hours without recording a program
  • Geo-locking of Apps is supported, if required
  • Full control of App feature availability
  • Management of key account preferences - favorites, parental PIN storage/resets, VOD purchase limits, widget customizations, etc.
  • Targeted marketing and advertising messages only to accounts that are relevant for those messages
  • Mature content image/text blocking in the guide
  • Amazon App store - most Firesticks & Fire TVs
  • Google Play Store (Android) - most Android phones & Tablets
  • Google Play Store (Android TV) - most certified Android TV devices & uncertified (open source) devices
  • Apple iOS Store - most iPhones & iPads
  • Apple TV - tentative casting support
  • Linux - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and more
  • Mac OSX - Chrome, Edge (Mac version), Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and more
  • ROKU - casting support
  • Windows - Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and more
  • Many Smart TVs
  • More to come

Cordless Cable in Action

anyVID-APP in a Cordless Cable Install

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