myCatapulTVe App Release Notes

Beta Release v6.0.1

2022 October 2

  • ***New Feature*** Ability to authorize a PPV/Pay channel for an Account with verification of purchase PIN
  • ***New Feature*** App purchase PIN is on a per Account basis (formally a per device basis)
  • ***New Feature*** Supports in-app commercial zones
    • Requires the anyVID-AC to be configured to use QPI (3rd party) communications
  • For Android TV, changed how text is entered in the Online tab so that the keyboard does not cover any fields
  • Changed on drop-down fields look in the Safari browser; they now look "flat"
  • Fixed bug where the home button would disappear in the Safari browser
  • Fixed bug where the Channel Search feature was not working properly
  • Fixed bug were an error message would appear when trying to use the go to LIVE button for FireTV
  • Fixed bug where purchased VOD items did not appear as AVAILABLE except in the My Purchases filter
  • Includes additional bug fixes, GUI updates, and stability improvements

Beta Release v5.3.1

2022 August 31

  • ***New Feature*** Added "JUMP TO TOP" feature in the Guide view
  • ***New Feature*** Added support for using a custom logo at the package level
  • ***New Feature*** Added "GO TO LIVE" feature for GoBack / pausing of live programs
  • ***New Feature*** Added the ability to control the app colors on an App Feature Package basis
  • ***New Feature*** Added Crave app support to the Program Search feature
  • ***New Feature*** For TVs, added scroll back/circular reference support for Apps and Links in the Online view
  • Changed the message displayed when the wrong Provider ID is entered while registering the app
  • Changed the swiping feature response in the Guide view
    • Right to left advances the Guide into the future
    • Left to right reverses the Guide into the past
  • Changed the placement of the channel lock icon on the channel tile in the Guide view
  • Fixed bug where location services would cause the app to crash on certain devices when GPS was unavailable
  • Fixed bug where during rewinding of video, the counting sequence was incorrect
  • Fixed bug where closed captioning was displayed in reverse order on browsers
  • Fixed issue where live video was not playing in Beta on certain browsers
  • Includes additional bug fixes, GUI updates, and stability improvements

Beta Release v5.2.1

2022 May 31

  • ***New Feature*** The Program Details popup now indicates when a series recording is paused
  • ***New Feature*** Video preview window now reportsĀ "DVR" or "VOD" when those types of content are presented
  • ***New Feature*** Modified the Religious genre filter to be more inclusive of spelling variations
  • Fixed bug where the Device Name in the Settings view was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed bug where the Movie genre filter was not working
  • Fixed bug where the VOD "My Purchases" filter did not work
  • Fixed bug where Program Search results were not displayed correctly
    • Tablets use the full tablet width
    • Results not properly displayed or wrapped
    • Not all DVR/VOD results were shown
  • Includes additional bug fixes, GUI updates, and stability improvements

Beta Release

2022 April 6

  • ***New Feature*** Ability to enable/disable location services in the app
    • Reliant on device's native settings in regards to location services
  • ***New Feature*** Added the ability to hide/show unauthorized channels in the Guide; works in conjunction with the anyVID-AC
    • Set the category filter to ALL CHANNELS to include unauthorized channels in the Guide
    • Set the category filter to MY CHANNELS to show only authorized channels in the Guide
  • ***New Feature*** Ability to change the order on how Online Links are shown in the app
    • All custom links (i.e., those the user creates) are assigned an order number of #100
  • ***New Feature*** Apps in the Online Links screen are only shown if that device has a deeplink assigned to it
    • It no longer falls-back to the web URL
  • ***New Feature*** Added swiping support on tablets & mobile devices
  • ***New Feature*** Added Firefox & Safari browser support
  • Enabled location services for browsers
    • This was previously disabled since it can easily be spoofed (i.e., be inaccurate)
  • Changed how the "Record All Showings" feature operates
    • Whenever possible, the system will only record episodes that have not previously been recorded (channel specific)
  • Refined how VOD programs are associated with a channel, so that a channel logo & name will be shown in the mini-guide; works in conjunction with the anyVID-AC
  • Changed how the app reacts during channel changes in the browser; the current volume setting now carries from one channel to another
  • Updated how the Online Program Search feature displays results
    • It was previously filtering out all SD programs, not just those that have an HD version
    • Now if an HD version of the program does not exist, it will show the SD version
  • Modified the in-app diagnostics view to include more information
  • Modified how poster art is associated with programs, so that [almost] every program has an image associated with it
  • Modified how Global/Provider recordings are displayed; the delete button is no longer displayed in the app
  • Fixed issue where when the browser volume is muted, it is not able to unmute
  • Fixed bug where app color schemes were not displaying correctly
  • Includes additional bug fixes, GUI updates, and stability improvements
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