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About Us

anyVID® Solutions, Inc.

Our vision started as a simple discussion among several Built Write Solutions employees, who saw an industry full of buggy video products with bad interfaces, that were missing the real needs of a changing industry. With little internal/external support and no guarantee of success, they began to develop unique solutions beyond traditional Cable/Telco at a time when most companies were hyping new advanced proprietary set tops and a new 3D future (remember that?). As more progressive customers began to experiment with out-of-the-box thinking, business grew and the division was spun off as a brand new company named anyVID® Solutions, Inc. Since separation, anyVID® has only continued to grow into the success it is today.

While initially focused on a few core OTT Video Solution pieces, because of the depth of talent at anyVID®, we were in a unique position to create a full end-to-end solution for easier delivery of service, known as Cordless Cable. Our engineering staff have many decades of experience in the Cable, Broadcast & Telecommunications Industries. Among our Engineers are premiere experts in HDTV & MPEG Technologies, Digital Ad Insertion, Video on Demand, HLS & Streaming Video Technologies, and more. That experience is complemented by years of Mobile App and Big Data (Database) Development projects.

Such talents have made us unique in an industry known for companies with great developers or great digital video experts, but rarely both. Thus, customers are now discovering just how far ahead we are from the competition in features and stability.

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Corporate Headquarters

1-888-546-ANY1  (1-888-546-2691)

1545 Kingsway Court Suite 200, Trenton, MI  48183





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