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The Best HTML5 Video Player ... Period

Key component of Cordless Cable, as well as most of our custom OTT Apps

Unlike other players, we have made adaptive bitrate HLS work on virtually every platform

Wholly developed in-house; it is the easier to set up than anything you've used in the past, and it is the most reliable

Summary of Features & Functions

  • Our anyPLAYER has been optimized to run on even the lowest powered devices with the least amount of memory.  Our specially designed garbage collection process overrides default browser memory management, being far more aggressive than browser defaults, which were never designed for memory hungry video apps.
  • Our anyPLAYER has support for adaptive bitrate HLS built-in, even when a device or browser does not natively support it.  No worries about integrating third-party libraries that were never meant to be used with other players.
  • Our anyPLAYER will automatically use hardware acceleration, when supported by the hardware/OS.
  • Our anyPLAYER has been integrated with Apple iOS mobile apps, Android mobile apps, Android TV apps, Amazon Fire apps, Amazon Fire TV apps, Cordova, Crosswalk, Electron apps, many Smart TV apps, Linux apps (with and without hardware acceleration), Mac OSX, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi... just to name a few.
  • Because our anyPLAYER takes control at the Media Source Extensions (MSE) level (except iOS, which still does not support MSE), we are able to play and manage pretty much any video and/or audio available.  For unique formats without native support, like HLS and DASH, we have integrated all necessary libraries ahead of time to ensure ultimate compatibility.  We even internally compensate for iOS's lack of MSE support and provide examples on how to handle Android/iOS in the same hybrid/Cordova App.
  • Our anyPLAYER supports many encryption systems out of the box.  For special proprietary encryption systems, we are always available to integrate to those as well.
  • Configuration and control of our anyPLAYER will be one of the easiest Javascript integrations you have ever worked with. Everything you need is in a single class.
  • The entire API is well documented with full examples, platform specific tips, and explanations of features.
  • With the API, you can control the visibility and usage of dozens of buttons and controls. You can toggle guide banners and update them dynamically. You can enable channel up/down, and tie events to each. You can programmatically control nearly every player function, essential for leanback remote control experiences.
  • The look and feel of anyPLAYER is easily changed through simple CSS tweaks. Nearly every element in anyPLAYER is separately configurable using modern, more exacting, cross-browser CSS standards.
  • The anyPLAYER class also does not interfere with MSE events or HLS events, allowing you to easily manage those events, too. We even provide examples for these situations, too.

anyPLAYER in Action

HTML5-based Player

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