• Complete solution to stream video
  • From transcoding to viewing/storage
  • No compatibility issues
  • On-premise or cloud-based parts
  • Apps & set tops available
  • Combine with other anyVID products

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Court video depositions

The Complete Package - Everything Needed to Stream Video

Complete Solution

We have the complete solution to stream video!  Stream live TV channels, entire channel lineups, DVR, and/or VOD content (free or pay content - your choice).


End-to-end solution:  From transcoding video (file-based, multicast streams, HLS, etc.), to packaging, to delivering the content for the customer to view via an app or set top.

Developed In-House

All products have been developed in-house, so there are no compatibility issues.  Even better - if there is a problem, there's only one vendor to call.

On-Premise or Cloud

Most of the components are designed to be installed directly in your locked-down network (for security reasons).  Some components are best run as a cloud-based instance.

Apps & Set Tops

Use our existing Cordless Cable app to view content, or we can develop a new one just for you.  Set tops are available as an option for those more comfortable with them.


Optionally, combine the anyVID-COMPLETE system with other anyVID products - such as the anyAlert Lockdown Alerts system - for additional benefits.

The Bigger Picture

The anyVID-COMPLETE system includes an entire in-house designed solution for delivering any video to any location.  Applications include secure delivery of Cable TV via the Internet (or private networks),  IPTV, hospitality, government, courts, police & fire, broadcaster streaming portals, etc.

Command and Control


Billing System Management

  • Import of current billing system info
  • Full billing system API available
  • Ad campaign server for in-app ads

anyVID-XC Management

  • Management of DRM, encrypt keys
  • Manages GoBack playlists at XC
  • Uploads all alarms from XC

anyVID-STOR Management

  • Manages DVR events at the STOR
  • Uploads all alarms from the STOR
  • Imports STOR VOD guide data

App & Set Top Management

  • Control of all apps, set tops, & TVs
  • Channel lineups w/ ad zone support
  • Manages Guide data & distribution

Source Acquisition


  • Live multicast IP Streams
  • MPTS & SPTS input support
  • Live HLS & DASH Streaming
  • Legacy support of RTMP streams


  • Legacy support of MPEG-1 files
  • Support for codecs like AVI, WMV
  • Support for all MP4 & TS files
  • Able to ingest HLS/DASH playlists

Source Processing

  • Live HLS/DASH (ABR) transcoding
  • Multicast transcoding - in/output
  • File-based transcoding
  • Packet & Video encryption, DRM
  • Packet inspection/authentication
  • Short term GoBack storage
  • On-the-fly Transcoding []
  • N:1 redundancy across XC's
  • DVR, VOD, & Archival Storage
  • Packet inspection/authentication
  • Built-in anyRelay CDN Endpoint
  • High availability Storage/Powering

Source Distribution


  • Secure internet distribution
  • Local intranet distribution
  • Local multicast network


  • Add to anyVID-STOR [DVR/VOD]
  • Automatic watch folder delivery
  • Custom send to remote location
  • Download via anyVID apps
  • Archival storage - anyVID's Cloud

Source Delivery



  • Cordless Cable or Custom App
  • Customizable - logos, colors, etc
  • Runs on customer's equipment
  • Built-in Live TV, DVR, & VOD
  • Available in existing App Stores
  • FireTV, iOS, Android, Android TV
  • Many Smart TVs, Set Tops, etc


  • Choose a launcher or design one
  • Customizable w/ logos, colors, etc.
  • Instant SW updates, just like apps
  • East to set up & manage
  • Built-in Live TV, DVR, & VOD
  • Includes dedicated App Store

Summary of Features & Functions

Concerned about warranty/support for your equipment?  Worried about compatibility issues?  Tired of calling multiple vendors, with each blaming another piece of equipment for an issue?

We've got this! 

All our equipment has been engineered by us - from the backend to the front end.  This means there are no compatibility issues, everything has a similar look & feel to controlling it, and there's only one call you need to make when something happens.  How easy is that?

  • No clunky set tops or switching inputs; use existing media devices & Smart TVs
    • Set tops are still available as an option​
  • No more antiquated, inflexible grids/guides; programs are shown as blocks of available content
  • GoBack Feature: Watch past programs from 5+ hours ago!
  • Home View: At a glance, see recently watched channels, what’s playing on your favorite channels, plus more
  • Favorite channels: Always available at the top of the Guide
  • Your choice: Watch the program live, or start it over from the beginning
  • Program Search: Take advantage of category and text-based program searches
  • Channel Search: Easily search for channels and view the next 60 available programs
  • And many more features that are unavailable in legacy set-tops
  • Don't just watch your subscribers cut the cord ... Profit from it!
  • Cord-cutters: Still use Netflix, Broadcast Apps, PlayStation Vue & Sling TV using your cable modems
  • Save Money: anyVID-COMPLETE saves a fortune in backbone Internet charges/fees (500GB+ /sub/mo)
  • Money Generator:
    • You'll gain more revenue from DVR Tiers, Pay Channels, new Ad Revenue opportunities
    • New Ad Revenue opportunities are available by selling prime screen space
  • No Set-tops Required:
    • You won't need to purchase, maintain, repair set-tops on returns, loss from theft, etc.
    • No more fees from set-top controller support contracts, proprietary QAMs, etc.
  • Geo-Locking:
    • Plant locking (only when required) helps meet contracts; you are still encrypting and providing QAM delivery
  • Encryption: Video is encrypted using enWall Security©, which includes beyond military grade 2048 bit TLS security
  • Your Brand: Internally brand the App with your logo/colors, or create a new logo
  • Reliability: Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) virtually guarantees service ... even in poorly supported DOCSIS nodes
  • Easy Transition: Not a Forklift upgrade … Transition to it over time!
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