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Lockdown & Emergency Alert System

Lockdown alerts, and/or instant notification when a teacher (or anyone else) needs immediate help

Automatically lock doors (fire code approved method)

Sound sirens and loud speakers during alerts

Broadcast real-time updates to supported devices (i.e., aOS powered devices and TVs, loud speakers, apps, etc.)

Summary of Features & Functions

  • Choosing to use our aOS powered devices gives the most advantages to our Lockdown/Emergency Alert system
  • Use our VISION Set Tops to control the TVs you currently have
  • Use aOS powered smart TV (made exclusively by RCA Commercial) for new installations
  • Refer to our aOS Software, VISION Set Tops, and Smart TV pages for more details
  • Allow different locations to receive different alerts​
    • When there are multiple buildings, wings, etc, allow alerts to only be triggered in those areas
  • Determine what the default alert is
    • Shelter in-place
    • Wait for additional instructions
    • Fire alarm has been triggered, please exit the building immediately
    • etc.
  • Real-time updates can be sent from the anyVID-AC by Admins (or the Police) to guide people during the alert
  • VISION series set tops
  • aOS powered TVs
  • Smart LED fixtures
  • Magnetic locks (N.O. for fire code compliance - power loss)
  • Security sirens, buzzers, and flashing strobe lights
  • Speaker systems
  • The system is designed to be flexible
  • You choose what devices you want integrated into the system
  • Start small and grow over time
    • Start with the VISION series set tops
    • Incorporate other components over time
  • Optional 24/7 monitoring is available
  • Verify what type of assistance is required
    • Fire
    • Police
    • Medical
  • Use as a resource to help send out updates
  • A push of a button lets Teachers, Nurses, Custodians, Principals, Security, etc. warn everyone when they see a threat
  • Choose from the various triggering options below, or use them all
    • Wear-able button
    • App on a phone/tablet
    • Combination of buttons on a supported remote
  • Instantly know what device triggered the alert
  • Optional graphical map to visibly show where the device is that triggered the alert

Some anyAlert System Components

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