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Cordless Cable branded Customer App for Providers

Robust and easy to use

Innovative features and sensible layout

Handles every feature a normal set top does (guides, DVR, VOD, parental controls, favorites, etc.)

Goes far beyond normal set tops (category and genre guide searches, a beautiful widget-filled home screen, and more)

Supports a wide range of devices - Android, iOS, Fire TV, and more

Summary of Features & Functions

  • The App runs on the Customer's existing equipment
  • No set tops or MSO equipment required
    • (We do sell set tops for those who want to continue using them​)
  • Apps can be downloaded from existing App Stores
  • App experience is customizable to use your logos, colors, etc.
  • Up to 14 days of advanced Guide data
  • More channel lineup filters than any other solution, letting you filter on categories, favorites, genres, channel names, channel numbers, and so much more
  • Search across live, DVR, and VOD for programs or channels
  • Full Cloud DVR capability with ability to record episodes, series, and new versus repeats
  • Lowest cost VOD solution available
  • GoBack in time 5+ hours without recording a program
  • Geo-locking of Apps is supported, if required
  • Full control of App feature availability
  • Management of key account preferences - favorites, parental PIN storage/resets, VOD purchase limits, widget customizations, etc.
  • Targeted marketing and advertising messages only to accounts that are relevant for those messages
  • Mature content image/text blocking in the guide
  • Amazon App store - most Firesticks & Fire TVs
  • Google Play Store (Android) - most Android phones & Tablets
  • Google Play Store (Android TV) - most certified Android TV devices & uncertified (open source) devices
  • Apple iOS Store - most iPhones & iPads
  • Apple TV - tentative casting support
  • Linux - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and more
  • Mac OSX - Chrome, Edge (Mac version), Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and more
  • ROKU - casting support
  • Windows - Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and more
  • Many Smart TVs
  • More to come

Cordless Cable In Action


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