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Secure Login / Identity authentication

Our unique, patented identity authentication technology service

Provides secure website and application access

No password required!

The Problem

  • We hate them
  • They are not secure
  • It's difficult to remember them
  • Users tend to use the same one over and over again, so a security breach at another website means that your website may now be compromised
  • Relies on passwords to access it
  • Data may be stored in the clear (encryption is not used)
  • If it is cloud-based, access to passwords is impossible if there is no internet access
  • Relies on passwords
  • Users need immediate access to a second device (or app)
  • If the second device is stolen, the thief now has access to your system
  • Relies on passwords
  • A third-party is tracking the data
  • It's a single access point to multiple apps
    • One data breach means access to every app SSO is associated with
  • Requires reliable biometric technology on every platform
  • It is secure, BUT ... if the device is lost, then access is lost
  • Requires reliable hardware and software recognition technology
  • Users have issues recognizing items in the image
  • Users have issues selecting items in the image

The Solution - nadaPASS

The website, network, or application must support the use of nadaPASS

  1. ​The user inputs their unique nadaPASS name where the username traditionally is
  2. The user selects the log in button - no password required!
  3. The user's nadaPASS app shows the login request
  4. The user confirms the request by the push of a single button​
  • Our patented technology uses MLOK™ (Multi-Location Offset Key) security
  • Our security architecture has been reviewed by a leading security consultant company to confirm how secure our it is
  • No passwords are needed, and no passwords are ever stored
    • This means that when a website (or system) has been hacked, the information garnered is worthless since it cannot be used on any other website (or system)​
  • All communication within the process uses military-grade encryption levels​
  • The nadaPASS solution has been tested with users of a wide range of ages to ensure ease of use - from elementary school children, to college students, to senior citizens.
  • When a login request is active, simply opening the app will display it
    • The nadaPASS app is available for a wide range of devices - Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac​
  • For websites, this is typically done using a small, extremely secure plug-in​
  • For intranet applications, a small piece of hardware is required
  • For legacy sites, a secure password manager - nadaVUE - is included in the app
  • Information is *never* stored in the clear - it is always encrypted
  • Military-grade encryption is employed
  • Data is stored on the device and in the cloud
    • Data stored on the device (and in the cloud) is encrypted
    • If there is no internet access, you can still retrieve much needed data
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