• Retrieve data, regardless of protocol
  • Data monitoring & analytics
  • Data control/management
  • Send alerts automatically
  • Create & send maintenance notices/requests
  • Hardware on-premise or cloud-based

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Big Data Retrieval & Analytics

Data Retrieval

It doesn't matter what communication protocol needs to be used to retrieve the data; if we don't already know it, we'll learn it.

Data Analysis

Monitor data in real-time, when possible.  Analyze the data over a defined interval - hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

Data Control/Management

Control what data XXXX

Automatic Alerts

Automatically send alerts to designated people/lists when pre-defined conditions are met

Maintenance Notices

Create and send maintenance notices/requests when pre-defined criteria are met

On-Premise or Cloud

Hardware can be installed directly in your locked-down network (for security reasons), or use our cloud-based LOGAN solution.

Summary of Features & Functions

  • No client software is necessary on any device
  • Automatic device detection can be included, which makes finding and monitoring devices easy
  • Key global parameters are detected, which may include serial numbers, software versions, device license info, alarms, logs, etc. (device profile specific)
  • Displays detailed device information (profile specific)
  • Monitor data at a defined interval - hourly, daily, weekly - or choose whenever it is available/uploaded
  • Proprietary detailed analyses of many unique data points - which may include voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds.
  • Chart and plot the data and analysis to visually evaluate it
  • Flag issues, such as rack cooling (high temperatures), failing fans, upcoming board failures, etc.
  • Create and send maintenance notices/requests
  • Easy-to-search inventory allows for quick access to key device details
    • Use the custom fields to note device names, location, status, etc.​
  • Go back in time - days or months - looking for alarms/events, making intermittent issue troubleshooting a breeze!​
  • Reports can be generated and downloaded
    • Latest issues/potential device issues​
    • Maintenance notices/requests

Here are some of the communication protocols we are experts at:

  • CAN Bus
  • DNS
  • FTP
  • ICMP
  • IPv4 / IPv6
  • SFTP
  • SNMP
  • SSH
  • SSL
  • TL1​
  • Telnet
  • TCP / IP
  • TFTP
  • UDP
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