anyVID-AC Release Notes


2022 August 31

  • ***New Feature*** Support for Channel (Source) Redundancy [for Channel/Content Packages]
    • Able to designate multiple HLS sources to a single channel [live or relay]
    • Automatic switching (and switchback) of sources
    • Automatic Load distribution between the sources
    • No backup configuration required - automatically drops bad sources
    • Ability to set priorities for each source to create a backup source or to prioritize more reliable sources
  • ***New Feature*** Support for the anyVID-XC Chassis Redundancy feature
    • Switching can be automatic or manual
    • When switched, state remains this way until intervention (prevents "bounce-back" conditions)
    • Full N:1 redundancy with additional support for groups of primary XCs each tied to their own backup XC
  • ***New Feature*** Added AC software version selection for users (Beta/Production)
  • [Private App] App Package (#APAC) - Added ability to control app colors per app feature package
  • [Private App] App Package (#APAC) - Added support for multiple ad commercial zones
  • [Private App] App Package (#APAC) - Unhid field that controls how Channel/Content packages can be displayed
  • Fixed issue with adding HLS relay streams to Channel Packages
  • Fixed issue with viewing of HLS streams and Relays
  • New cosmetic updates to all data tables for improved viewing
  • Greatly increased monitoring period of system components (XCs, STORs, etc.) for faster alarming and redundant switching
  • Includes additional bug fixes, minor GUI updates, and stability improvements


2022 May 27

  • Modified how channel sources can be selected for those customers that do not use AVS's data source provider
  • Modified the Manage aOS Device pop-up for easier readability
  • Continued to change how tool tips are displayed for pop-ups; it is now possible to keep the tip displayed for an indefinite period of time on more pop-ups
  • [Private App] App Package (#APAC) - Added ability to control app logo per app feature package
  • [Private App] App Package (#APAC) - Added geolocation controls
  • Includes additional bug fixes, minor GUI updates, and stability improvements


2022 April 6

  • ***New feature*** Added the StreamRoute Channels feature screen
    • StreamRoute channels are channels that are transcoded only when a customer requests that channel.
    • The drawback of StreamRoute channels is that the GoBack feature will not work for them.
  • ***New features*** For Channel/Content packages:
    • Added playlist control options for Channel/Content packages
    • Added dynamic URL security for Channel/Content packages, which changes how Live Streams are associated from the transcoding device to the anyVID-AC
    • Added the StreamRoute feature use in Channel/Content packages
    • Added an RF Source option for use in Channel/Content packages, for use in supported devices
  • Modified the process on how guide data information is brought in and distributed, to be more efficient on resources
  • Modified the API to be able to view and generate account token IDs
  • Modified the process to determine what episodes to record in a series, to reduce duplicate recordings
  • Updated the look of all data tables
  • Changed how tool tips are displayed for most pop-ups; it is now possible to keep the tip displayed for an indefinite period of time
  • [Private App] App Package (#APAC) - Updated how Channel/Content packages can be displayed
  • [Private App] App Package (#APAC) - Added additional controls on how App Feature Packages can present information, depending on the type of device the app is installed on
  • [Private App] App Package (#APAC) - Modified the recording feature
  • [Private App] App Package (#APAC) - Fixed bug where color schemes were not displayed correctly
  • Fixed minor bug where the VOD table was not populating correctly
  • Fixed bug where adding any packages containing an "_" would removed all other packages from an account
  • Includes additional bug fixes, minor GUI updates, and stability improvements.


2020 November 9

  • Fixed an issue where Global DVR Recordings can disappear from the anyVID-AC Scheduler
  • Fixed an issue with false "Missing RAM" Alarms in Alarms
  • Updated XML Monitoring Page Layout
  • Other minor appearance changes
  • Other minor bug fixes and repairs


2020 October 24

  • ***New feature*** Added feature to Account Details screen that will automatically filter the Customer Accounts table on the last Account that is edited
  • Manage Account Details now allows viewing/managing of all Packages, Apps, Devices, and VOD purchases in a single screen with an accordion style grouping of elements
  • Fixed a bug where the use of an external email relay server was not recognized correctly
  • Renamed the Apps & Launchers menu to Apps & Packages
  • Moved management of the anyVisionOS Device Configuration Packages from the Manage anyVisionOS Devices screen, located under the Managed Devices menu item, to it's own screen, located under the Apps & Packages menu item
  • Updated fields controlled by the language database to an existing [Private App] App Package (#APAC)
  • Completed integration work to support Gracenote Guide Data for Providers who wish to use an existing Gracenote Account instead of our own Guide Provider
  • Initial Support has been added for our ensign Digital Signage Solution and is now available for select partners
  • The underlying dynamic groundwork has been laid for the upcoming LOGAN project, which adds significant additional redundancy, faster data access speeds, better firewall protection, faster DNS switching for dDOS attacks, the ability to revert SW versions, the ability to run Alpha/Beta AC Code, and more.
  • Other minor appearance changes
  • Other minor bug fixes and repairs


2020 September 17

  • In the System Stats screen, updated the anyServer Monitor details to more accurately portray CPU usage over time
  • In the System Stats screen, updated the layout of the anyServer Monitor area
  • Added Offerings back to the Account Settings menu
  • In the Account Details screen, Offerings are now managed in the Manage Account popup (no longer added like a Package)
  • In the Account Details screen, when editing an Account, the Customer Accounts data table will automatically filter on the Account Billing ID.
  • In the Account Details screen, when adding a Package, it filters the choices based on whether it is an Account-Level Package, or a Device-Level Package
  • For the Hospitality license, updated how Buildings/Groups are managed and assigned
  • For the Hospitality license, updated the Graphical Building Layouts feature
  • For the Video Provider license, gave the ability to assign Buildings/Groups to Customer Accounts
  • For the Video Provider license, gave the ability to use the Graphical Building Layouts feature
  • In the Channel Lineups screen, updated the look on how Channel Packages are created, edited, and deleted
  • In the Channel Lineups screen, updated the look of how a channel is deleted from a Channel Package
  • Channel Lineups now can now import lineups from supported devices
  • Channel Lineups now allows filtering based on App/Device Package
  • Channel Lineups now supports RF and Virtual Channel Display Channel
  • Further separated the Cordless Cable App from an existing [Private App] App Package (#APAC)
  • In the Manage anyVisionOS Device Configuration popup, removed all non-Core Package Settings from it
    • This is to help support Third-Party Apps
    • The removed Settings have been moved to the ChannelHub Launcher Package, found under the Apps & Launchers menu
  • Fixed an issue where adding/removing an Offering from a Customer Account was not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where adding Channel Packages could mistakenly force the removal of other Channel Packages
  • Fixed an issue where recordings set by deleted Customer Accounts were not being tagged to be removed in the STOR
  • Other minor bug fixes and repairs


2020 July 20

  • ***New feature*** For supported Apps, added the ability to make App Item Packages, which allow for setting a single App Setting from a Package Code, regardless of the current Setting in an App Package.
    • An existing App Package is required, before an App Item Filter Package can be applied.
    • An App Item Package always takes priority over an App Package.
    • This functionality has also been added to the API.
  • ***New feature*** Device Config Packages can now be applied to a Device through the same process as any other Package (Add Package Button in Accounts).
    • Since Device Configs are a Device Level Package and many other Packages are Account Level, the Add Package Dialog has also been enhanced.
  • Fixed a DVR recording issue when old-style System-Level Feature Packages and new-style App Feature Packages are used simultaneously in multiple Customer Accounts.
  • Fixed an issue during Registration of an App where the Default Number of Devices per Account may have been favored over a Package Configuration of this parameter.
  • Fixed an issue when updating an existing [Private App] App Package (#APAC).
  • Other minor bug fixes and repairs.


***Security Update***

2020 June 25

  • Additional Settings have been enabled for an existing Private App (Ref#OLLINK).
  • Additional Licensing Options have been implemented.
  • Implemented a new Upgrade Manager, which gives us more granular control over AC upgrades, as well as easier targeting of specific sites for early release testing of future patches and upgrades.
  • Fixed an issue with NULL values in multiple email addresses preventing record returns (APIv8 only).
  • Patched a vulnerability that could let non Super Admin Users change the Passwords of Super Admins outside of the GUI/API.
  • Updated all Group Permissions for all Users and all Menus to further restrict areas of access.
  • Added the Reports Menu to the Monitoring GROUP.
  • Added additional protections against potential XSS Attacks using Customer Data Fields in email, API, and GUI Output.
  • Added further internal logging to continue a recent push to track all attempted hacking attacks for future design decisions.
  • Removed PHPSI System Monitoring Framework due to several new Hacker Attack Vectors in the Wild that might make it an eventual target.
    • PHPSI was already deprecated with the introduction of ASM as a more fully featured replacement.
  • Updated existing Security/Vulnerability Testing Framework and verified all Scores.
  • Other minor bug fixes and repairs


2020 June 17

  • Major overhaul to GUI look, feel, & functionality
  • Created Licenses/Operating Modes for the AC
  • Changed the System Stats screen to provide more detailed information concerning the AC device information (aka anyServer Monitor)
  • Moved the Accounts Details screen to be under the Account Settings menu item
  • Modified the Accounts Details screen
    • Added Account Statuses to Customer Accounts table. It is no longer required to add an Account Active System-Level Feature Package to activate, deactivate, etc. an Account.
    • Removed System-Level Feature Packages; legacy System-Level Feature Packages are being deprecated
    • Removed Offerings; legacy Offerings are being deprecated
    • Added App Feature Packages to control app functionality
    • Renamed "Manage Devices" popup to "Manage Apps"
    • Added Manage aOS Devices in Account button/popup
    • Changed look and feel of popup to create a new Customer Account, & to view/manage existing Customer Accounts
    • Added the ability to associate up to 5 different email addresses per Customer Account
    • Added the ability to register Apps by any email associated with a Customer Account
  • Removed the Packages screen
  • Removed the Offerings screen
  • Moved the Channels screen to be under Account Settings
  • Moved the DVR & VOD screen to be under Account Settings
  • Removed the Ads/Alerts screen to better separate that screen's functionality by using individual screens
  • Added Advertising & Alerts support for those Apps that support its usage
    • Cordless Cable supports in-App Advertising
    • aOS Settops & TVs, as well as other supported Apps, can now provide device-based Emergency Alerts
  • Added Apps & Launchers screens
    • Each App has a separate settings screen
    • Only those Apps with their licenses enabled will be shown
    • Global App settings are now located in this screen (removed from the Settings screen)
    • App Feature Packages are created, viewed, & managed in this screen
  • Added Manged Devices screen
    • Provides aOS Device Management
    • aOS Device Configuration Packages are created, viewed, & managed in this screen
  • Moved the portion of the Devices screen that managed Backend Equipment to be under the System Settings menu item
  • Added several new Viewership Reports to the Reports screen
  • Settings was renamed to Global Settings and moved to be under the System Settings menu item
  • Moved App-based settings from the Settings screen to the appropriate App screen
  • Added online-based Release Notes to the Maintenance/Troubleshooting screen
  • Added a new screen available to Admins only - BackMon Processes (located under the System Settings menu item)
    • Shows the status of individual AC processes
    • Provides the ability to Enable/Disable select processes
  • Added API Version 8 (v8), which supports the new software. In particular, the APIv8 includes
    • The Accounts Endpoint now includes the ability to directly adjust the Account Status
    • A new Reports endpoint has been added to download Raw Data for creating your own Reports
    • Support now exists for adding multiple email addresses per Account
    • The email filter has been updated to allow a wider range of email addresses
  • Other minor bug repairs


2019 December 29

  • This serves as the base release for the new Release Notes tracking mechanism. Release notes for previous versions are available upon request.
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