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Smart TV powered by aOS

One of the pieces of a complete anyVID Solution, including Cordless Cable and custom OTT solutions

Smart TV with all the benefits of our VISION series set tops

Made exclusively by RCA Commercial

Summary of Features & Functions

  • anyVisionOS (known as aOS), is the revolutionary new OS for Set Tops and Smart TVs
  • It’s the engine behind our new line of VISION Set Tops (and TVs)
  • VISION has been designed exclusively for Cable, Telco, IPTV, Hospitality, and School systems everywhere
  • With aOS Powered set tops, you are in control of the experience from A to Z.
  • You decide what your Interface (Home Screen) looks like or you can use any of our polished ready-to-go Interfaces
    • Cordless Cable​
    • ensign Digital Signage
    • Channel Hub (for TVs with RF tuners)
  • The Home Interface can be swapped out instantly at any time (no upgrades or set top “hits” required)
  • Whether you are worried about EAS or you are a School wanting a better Lockdown & Emergency Alert System, we got this
  • Our Patent Pending Alert System for Education/Hospitality can trigger Lockdown/Emergency Alerts from any aOS powered TV or Set Top
  • A push of a button lets Teachers, Nurses, Maids, etc. to warn everyone, when they see a threat
    • Can be a wear-able button, an app on a phone/tablet, and/or a combination of buttons on a supported remote.
  • Real-time updates can be sent from the anyVID-AC by Admins (or the Police) to guide people during the lockdown
  • VISION Set tops and aOS powered TVs that are off will turn on automatically and broadcast the Alert
    • Includes EAS alert tones and text instructions
  • When integrated with other components:
    • Know what device triggered the alert, complete with graphical map
    • System controlled hallway speakers send EAS Alert tones & updatable audio instructions
      • Bonus capability - speakers can be used for normal announcements, calling people, etc.
    • Optional Smart LED fixtures (replaces fluorescent), letting police instantly darken areas
    • Optional security sirens, buzzers, and flashing strobe lights
    • Magnetic Locks instantly lock every door - (N.O. for fire code compliance - power loss)
  • Optionally, 24/7 monitoring is available as a resource to help police send updates, etc.
  • No expensive Controllers or Controller Support Contracts required
  • Managed by the anyVID-AC
  • Global Sync-Back makes inventory management easy
  • Fully compatible with 90% of Android Apps, with the ability to instantly push Apps to your entire customer base
  • Our dedicated aOS App Store provides you with the most popular Android Apps, plus Apps designed just for you
  • You get an advanced Guide Experience like no other, yet still familiar to older customers
  • No Guide Data contracts or huge fees to stress over, as we handle this in the background
  • Whether Live Streaming Adaptive Bitrate Video or sending Multicast IP Video, VISION is ready
  • Multiple Advertising Regions are available (for your use only) with management of campaigns through our anyVID-AC
  • VISION Set Tops support (network) DVR Recordings and VOD right out of the box as standard features

Where the aOS Powered TV Fits

Made exclusively by RCA Commercial

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