anyVID-STOR Release Notes


2021 February 10

  • Modified how HLS Relay Streams are handed to resolve playback issues experienced with DVR recordings and usage of GoBack, when watching live (still playing) content.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the reporting of internal server statistics to the anyVID-AC
  • Added additional support for anyVID-VM (VOD Manager) to anyVID-STOR Communications
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements


2020 November 7

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the "RECORDING" flag in the GUI/Database to report that a program is still recording hours after the recording completed.
    • This would not extend the recording time beyond the expected interval
    • This could cause unexpected playback issues, if a recording is watched within hours of recording and the flag is still set to "RECORDING"
  • Fixed an issue that could result in duplicate concurrent programs sharing the same internal Process ID, if more than 1000 programs are already scheduled over the next 14 days.
    • This only happened on sites with many recordings
    • Unexpected behaviors would include programs being stopped early, programs being recorded at the wrong times, and potential corruption within programs that had been recorded.
  • Fixed minor visibility issues in anyServer Monitor.
  • Fixed an error that could cause an Alarm for low RAM, when RAM was normal.
  • Updated enWall Security to work around a known Apple iOS 14, which triggered enWall's Theft Protection Module, denying Video for some Live and DVR Streams on iOS 14 iPhones and iPads.
  • Updated enWall Security to work around a known Apple iOS bug in iOS 13 - 14, which can cause loss of Video and potential App crashes on iPhones and iPads that keep bouncing between weak Wifi and Mobile Networks, while watching content.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements


2020 August 6

  • ***New Feature*** Added automated backup snapshot feature to recover deleted and/or corrupted video files
    • Snapshots capture the state and changes of files
    • Snapshots are taken daily
    • While able to fully recover deleted files, snapshots take up very little space per snapshot due to it's inherent flexibility
  • ***New Feature*** Added custom SSL/TLC certificate uploader
  • ***New Feature*** Added ability to upgrade software with from a file, when internet access is not available
  • ***New Feature*** Replaced the "Monitor" screen with our new anyServer Monitor Widgets, which provide a new extensive monitoring experience
  • Improved HLS Relay feature
    • Faster acquisition and playlist update times, which leads to a more stable relay in the face of challenging network conditions
    • Fixed issues related to GoBack and HLS Relays
    • Added additional error logging capability
    • Fixed issue when loss of connection to input HLS Streams could result in long system hangs before automatic restart of a Relay
  • Fixed an issue where the old asset clean-up process (taking place at the beginning of the month) could lead to inadvertently deleting valid video recordings
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements


2020 January 28

  • Base version for this iteration of Release Notes
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