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DVR/VOD Content Storage, CDN

One of the pieces of a complete anyVID Solution, including Cordless Cable and custom solutions

Manages long-term storage for DVR and VOD content, has the anyRelay feature that acts as a CDN for popular channels, and more

Due to the sensitive nature of the content stored, the anyVID-STOR is designed to be installed in your secured network

Summary of Features & Functions

  • Fully integrated with enWall Security for client-side, dual, out-of-band, roving key encryption & server-side packet inspection, authentication, and authorization
  • Sends all alarms/alerts to the anyVID-AC
  • Every unit uses SSD storage with separate OS and storage drives
  • Fully redundant power supplies, fully redundant fans, fully redundant SSD drive storage
  • Auto backups of the database
  • Automatically records all DVR events in the background, based on schedules from the anyVID-AC
  • Automatic management, storage, and removal of all DVR events & recordings
  • Any anyVID-STOR can be configured to use our anyRelay Service, which automatically joins, reformats, and retransmits live HLS streams, creating large CDN, point-to-point, or mesh networks
  • Each anyVID-STOR can manage dozens of live HLS streams
  • Automatically ingests all VOD events in the background, based on API communications from the anyVID-VM
  • Automatic management, storage, and removal of all VOD events & recordings
  • Can also be used as a VOD Catcher (Master Video Library) for Provider downloads of VOD content

Where the anyVID-STOR Fits

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