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VOD Preparation & Staging

One of the pieces of a complete anyVID Solution, and works well in a standalone VOD system

  • Manages VOD XML metadata, trailers, and full-length assets
  • Automatically sends incoming video assets/trailers to an open transcoder for processing
  • Automatically parses incoming XML metadata and correctly associates it with the proper VOD asset

Due to the sensitive nature of the content stored, the anyVID-VM is designed to be installed in your secured network

Summary of Features & Functions

  • Automatically scans predefined Watch Folders in near real-time looking for new and/or updated VOD assets to process
  • Notifies the Catcher of successful retrieval via API (when required)
  • Determines which anyVID-XC units are open and assigns each new asset to one
  • Sends VOD trailers/assets to open anyVID-XC units to transcode, then monitors the progress until completion (resubmitting on failures)
  • Moves completed transcodes to permanent anyVID-STOR storage, and notifies the anyVID-AC of the completion
  • Interprets XML metadata (even invalid and/or poorly made XML data not fully adhering to the Cable Labs Metadata spec)
  • Populates title info, season/episode info, ratings info, descriptions, genres, costs, etc. from XML metadata to the anyVID-AC
  • Sends all alarms/alerts to the anyVID-AC

Where the anyVID-VM Fits

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