• Mass Storage - Minimal Space
  • ZFS Storage - A Better RAID
  • DVR & VOD Ready Solution
  • Perfect for critical data solutions
  • Built-in CDN Access Point
  • Perfect for anyRelay Endpoints

Statistics as of March 1, 2022


Ave Hrs Storage per STOR


GB Available per STOR


Total STOR Drive Failures

Professional Quality Transcoding in a Flexible Package

Mass Storage

Each STOR uses enterprise-grade SSDs with capacities in excess of 7.6 TB each and supports 22 Data Drives, while only occupying 2 rack units of space.

RAID Redundancy +

The STOR uses ZFS storage (preferred vs RAID for critical data), providing mirrored-striped storage, caching, checksums, snapshots, and more.

DVR & VOD Ready

The anyVID-STOR is fully integrated into anyVID's streaming solutions for automated DVR and VOD recording, as well as advanced playback.

Critical Data Integrations

With its density and strong redundancy, anyVID can help you integrate the STOR into your own custom, automated multi-point archival data solution.

Content Access Security

The anyVID-STOR includes packet-level fingerprinting and authentication, ensuring that not a single packet of data falls into undesired hands.

HLS & DASH Relays

The anyVID-STOR includes the ability to "rebroadcast" existing HLS/DASH streams, providing a means for building local CDNs for heavily watched content.

The Bigger Picture

The anyVID-STOR is part of a bigger story, which includes an entire in-house designed solution for delivering any video to any location.  Applications include secure delivery of Cable TV via the Internet (or private networks),  IPTV, hospitality, government, courts, police & fire, broadcaster streaming portals, etc.

Command and Control


Billing System Management

  • Import of current billing system info
  • Full billing system API available
  • Ad campaign server for in-app ads

anyVID-XC Management

  • Management of DRM, encrypt keys
  • Manages GoBack playlists at XC
  • Uploads all alarms from XC

anyVID-STOR Management

  • Manages DVR events at the STOR
  • Uploads all alarms from the STOR
  • Imports STOR VOD guide data

App & Set Top Management

  • Control of all apps, set tops, & TVs
  • Channel lineups w/ ad zone support
  • Manages Guide data & distribution

Source Acquisition


  • Live multicast IP Streams
  • MPTS & SPTS input support
  • Live HLS & DASH Streaming
  • Legacy support of RTMP streams


  • Legacy support of MPEG-1 files
  • Support for codecs like AVI, WMV
  • Support for all MP4 & TS files
  • Able to ingest HLS/DASH playlists

Source Processing

  • Live HLS/DASH (ABR) transcoding
  • Multicast transcoding - in/output
  • File-based transcoding
  • Packet & Video encryption, DRM
  • Packet inspection/authentication
  • Short term GoBack storage
  • On-the-fly Transcoding []
  • N:1 redundancy across XC's
  • DVR, VOD, & Archival Storage
  • Packet inspection/authentication
  • Built-in anyRelay CDN Endpoint
  • High availability Storage/Powering

Source Distribution


  • Secure internet distribution
  • Local intranet distribution
  • Local multicast network


  • Add to anyVID-STOR [DVR/VOD]
  • Automatic watch folder delivery
  • Custom send to remote location
  • Download via anyVID apps
  • Archival storage - anyVID's Cloud

Source Delivery



  • Cordless Cable or Custom App
  • Customizable - logos, colors, etc
  • Runs on customer's equipment
  • Built-in Live TV, DVR, & VOD
  • Available in existing App Stores
  • FireTV, iOS, Android, Android TV
  • Many Smart TVs, Set Tops, etc


  • Choose a launcher or design one
  • Customizable w/ logos, colors, etc.
  • Instant SW updates, just like apps
  • East to set up & manage
  • Built-in Live TV, DVR, & VOD
  • Includes dedicated App Store

Summary of Features & Functions

  • Fully integrated with system-level encryption and DRM, for client-side, dual, out-of-band, roving key encryption & server-side packet inspection, authentication, and authorization
  • Sends all alarms/alerts to the anyVID-AC
  • Every unit uses SSD storage with separate OS and storage drives
  • Fully redundant power supplies, fully redundant fans, fully redundant SSD drive storage
  • Auto backups of the database
  • Automatically records all DVR events in the background, based on schedules from the anyVID-AC
  • Automatic management, storage, and removal of all DVR events & recordings
  • Deliver to up to 1,600+ HD simultaneous shares natively (when properly configured)
  • Become a CDN Endpoint from another source via anyRelay - with automatic playlist following and updates
  • Monitor per-port traffic, Cpu usage, etc. through advanced chassis view dashboard
  • Automatically ingests all VOD content in the background, based on API communications from the anyVID-VM and anyVID-XC
  • Automatic management, storage, and removal of all VOD events & recordings
  • Can also be used as a VOD Catcher (Master Video Library) for Provider downloads of VOD content
  • Can be integrated into other VOD-like solutions for automated processing and/or storage of content
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