• Compatible with aOS powered TVs
  • Integrated into the VISION series set tops
  • Control devices remotely - on/off, etc.
  • Control what campaign is sent to each device
  • Update campaigns instantly
  • Easy to use

Statistics as of March 1, 2022


Files Transcoded


Hours of Live Transcoding


Ave Simultaneous Outputs


Court video depositions

Ensign Digital Signage Solution

Smart TVs

Compatible with aOS powered smart TV (made exclusively by RCA Commercial)

VISION Series Set Tops

Integrated into our VISION series set top boxes

Remotely Control Devices

Control all devices powered by aOS remotely - turn them on/off, control the volume, control what feeds are used, etc.

Campaigns for Each Device

Control what campaign each device displays, and/or control which campaign a group of devices display

Instant Updates

Updated campaigns are sent to aOS powered devices instantly, automatically.  No need to manually push updates to devices.

Easy to Use

Designed to be intuitive to use.  Tested with a wide range of users and age groups.

Summary of Features & Functions

  • Use our VISION Set Tops to control the TVs you currently have
  • Use aOS powered smart TV (made exclusively by RCA Commercial) for new installations
  • Refer to our aOS Software, VISION Set Tops, and Smart TV pages for more details
  • Define as many regions as you wish for active widgets, images, videos, text, commercial advertising, and more
  • Widgets include dozens of Weather Widgets, Stock Tickers, “Happenings” Areas, News Widgets, RSS feeds, and more
  • Ensign Manager in the anyVID-AC lets you quickly build complex page combinations using the perfect Drag-n-Drop Interface
  • Campaigns let you schedule groups of pages by time, day of the week, and more
  • Page durations/transitions also supported
  • aOS constantly monitors Ensign and automatically recovers Ensign in the cases of crashes and issues, ensuring you never see Crash Notices, stopped, Pages, or other common issues with Digital Signage ever again
  • Updates are sent instantly to each aOS TV or Set Top
    • ***Requires anyVID-AC subscription
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