Cordless Cable: App Release Notes


2022 August 31

  • Fixed issue where when the browser volume is muted, it is not able to unmute
  • Changed how the app reacts during channel changes in the browser; the current volume setting now carries from one channel to another
  • Minor change to the closed captioning icon to indicate when it is turned on or off
  • Re-added an older Samsung Audio fix to handle a new Samsung compatibility issue with 5.1 Surround in a recent Android update (silent audio versus garbled)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Cordless Cable: [aOS Set-top] Launcher Release Notes


2023 February 14

  • Guide now updates every 30 minutes
    • Guide info will shift 30 minutes every 30 minutes (when in live guide view)
    • When switching from Full Screen TV to Guide, Live Info will automatically be displayed
  • When navigating channel buttons directly, the Guide Program Info at the top automatically updates
    • The first program to the right of the channel button will automatically appear
    • Channels with no Program Info will not appear
  • Guide Program Info at the top now automatically clears when going to the menu or filter buttons
  • When going from TV View to Guide View, the current playing channel will automatically be visible/focused in the Guide
  • The currently playing channel is now highlighted/color coded, along with all associated programs in the Guide
  • An issue with occasional dual-focused elements has been fixed
  • You can now save the Set Top name in Settings
  • Support has been added for custom Default Program Info on a per-channel basis
    • Perfect for Gov/Education Channels, Local TV Stations, and others without Guide Data
    • Requires configuration in the latest AC Software [in Channel Lineups - Channels]
    • Does not replace Guide Info - Used when no Guide Info exists
  • Critical code has been isolated and separated to support an upcoming custom app
  • The Progress Bar in the TV Modes now includes additional progress time info
  • Includes additional bug fixes, GUI updates, and stability improvements


2022 August 19

  • ***New Feature*** A new 4 second banner now comes up when immediately tuning to a channel to make channel up/down more user friendly
  • Channel up/channel down is now supported with the new tuner
  • Removed several dozen event listeners that are only required to handle Android Bugs in devices from several other manufacturers - Improves UI speed and lowers resources
  • Fixed an issue where the Program info at the top of the guide could disappear in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue with the layout of search
  • Includes additional bug fixes, GUI updates, and stability improvements


2022 August 16

  • ***New Feature*** Video Player has been replaced
    • All video is now decoded in a dedicated GPU Processor and completely bypasses the software layer
    • The new Player supports new formats including TS Containers, h.264, h.265, VP9, fMP4, AAC, AC-3
    • Full support for both DASH and HLS
    • Support for the current Widevine specifications, as well as the latest preliminary Widevine specifications
    • Capable of providing more advanced video diagnostics
    • Support for in-app casting (Chromecast)
    • Handles 4k/60fps decoding with limited CPU impact (network dependent)
    • Limited support for 8k/15 fps (network dependent)
    • Designed so that a lite version can be deployed on other App Platforms (Android, Android TV, Amazon [pending special Amazon Approval]
    • Designed to support simultaneous live channels, as well as PIP
    • Video plays on its own “surface”, separate from the main GUI layout/process
    • Many additional features
  • ***New Feature*** New design for the Guide Frontend
    • Better optimized for the “10-ft” Leanback experience
    • Includes a more detailed per-program summary for each highlighted program
    • Additional channels are visible in a single screen
    • Designed for the addition of new planned features
    • A more complete implementation of “dark mode”
    • Several additional features
  • Redesigned how all drop-downs/filters are chosen
  • Redesigned AppShot so it no longer covers the video window when displayed
  • Redesigned the loading spinner so it no longer counts down
  • Fixed bug where multiple items could be highlighted at the same time
  • Includes additional bug fixes, GUI updates, and stability improvements
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