aOS Set Top Release Notes


2022 September 6

  • Settings Side Menu now reports aOS Version and Serial No at the bottom
  • Set Audio to max upon bootup, regardless of past settings (internal - not TV), in case Set Tops exist with lower levels
  • Added support for passthrough Audio - when supported by audio type, cable type, and device type
  • Added support for additional Dolby Filters
  • Updated Equalizer Profiles


2022 August 19

  • Reduced the delay before first contact with the controller
  • Removed unnecessary code


2022 August 16

  • On startup, if the Set Top has not yet connected to the Internet, it will automatically retry until it succeeds
  • All RAM-based settings have been optimized to handle future features
  • Over 20 unnecessary Android background processes have been permanently removed, further distinguishing aOS and freeing additional CPU and RAM resources
  • New Remote Control KEYCODES have been added for several common Remote


2022 June

  • Base version for this iteration of Release Notes
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